Middle school, Ixbobó, Guatemala

A middle school or junior high school is a school for students older than elementary school, but not yet in high school. The ages covered varies between, and sometimes within, countries. It is from grade 6-10AfghanistanIn Afghanistan, middle school consists of 6, 7 and 8 grade.AlgeriaIn Algeria, a middle school includes grades 6 through 10, consisting of students from ages 10 or 11 to 15.AustraliaMost regions of Australia do not have middle schools, as students go directly from primary school (for years K–6) to secondary school (years 7–12, usually referred to as high school).As an alternate to the middle school model, some secondary schools divided their grades into "junior high school" (years 7 to 8) and "senior high school" (years 9, 10, 11, and 12.)In 1996 and 1997, a national conference met to develop what became known as the National Middle Schooling Project, which aimed to develop a common Australian view of early adolescent needsguiding principles for educatorsappropriate strategies to foster positive adolescent learning.The first middle school established in Australia was The Armidale School, in Armidale (approximately 570 km north of Sydney, 470 km south of Brisbane and approximately 170 km inland from the coast). Schools have since followed this trend, such as The King's School.
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Middle school, Ixbobó, Guatemala

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