Zamboanga National High School West, Zamboanga City, Philippines

The Zamboanga National High School West or simply called "West" is a school on R.T Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City. It was established on June 30, 1986.DepartmentsZNHS West is compose of 8 departments of subjects . Dr. Maria Pilar N. Gregorio, Principal IV Mrs. Helen Mangumpit Mrs. Lucresia Mariano Mrs. Lourdes Alvarez-Mendoza Mrs. Josephine Almazar Dr. Nilda Galdones Mr. Ricardo Rosete Mrs. Teresita Carbonilla Mrs. Bonifica Cabaring Special ProgramsScience and Technology and Engineering Program is the special program given by the Department of Education to the school which is under by the Science Department.Special Program for Foreign Language is also the special program of the school that teaches Chinese Mandarin it is now under by the English Department.STVEP is the new program under by the T.L.E. department it teaches about Technical Drawing and Computer.Zamboanga National High School West Hymn I In Zamboanga City there's a school in the west That stands proudly along by the sea Where the breezes blow to make us feel fresh you know And the pure air comes in abundantlyII In the year 86 that was June 30 When we did come to occupy its hall to mark Its foundation day with less a thousand then Who had eagerly move its stone till darkIII Zamboanga West City high school, hail! We gloryfy with love and care Come and join today the gallant wayIV We the westerners we are happy to have A good school like this one by the sea We shall then join hands and hearts to keep the torch Of this beautiful school by the sea(Repeat III & IV) culianan 7000 Zamboanga City Philippines Call: <>
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Zamboanga National High School West, Zamboanga City, Philippines

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