Istrouma High School, Baton Rouge, United States

Istrouma High School is a public school located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was founded in 1917, and was located in East Baton Rouge Parish. Its name is a local Indian word meaning "red stick". Red stick is also the English language translation of the French words baton rouge. The area of north Baton Rouge where the school is located is also known as the Istrouma area.HistoryIstrouma High School began in 1917, in a two room frame building with a faculty of two. In 1921 the school moved to a larger brick building at the corner of Erie Street and Wenonah Street. The school had its first graduations in 1921, in the form of the grammar school portion having graduations that year. The first high school graduations came in 1924. In 1931 another building was added at the corner of Erie Street and Tecumseh Street. The school first fielded a football and band in 1935. With increasing enrollment, a third (and much larger) building was added in 1940, at the corner of Erie Street and Osceola Street. The school's name and location were proposed to be changed in 1945 to Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. This name change never occurred, but the school did move to its current location on Winbourne Ave, in 1951. This move and expansion became necessary due to increased enrollment caused by the Louisiana Legislature adding a twelfth grade to school curriculums in 1949. The old school buildings became the home of Istrouma Junior High School, and were later torn down in 2005. Being located in North Baton Rouge, Istrouma High School, was considered for most of its history as the school for the sons and daughters of blue collar plant workers . Its major cross town rival (until 1976) was Baton Rouge High School. In 2012, the school was taken over, and was being running as part of the Louisiana Recovery School District. In October 2013, it was announced that Istrouma High School would close down for at least one year following the 2013–2014 school year. This announcement almost immediately sparked petiitons from old and new alumni to keep the school, which is nearing its 100 year anniversary mark, open. The school is to be merged with Capitol High School and reopened at Capitol High's campus starting with the 2015–2016 school year. The Istrouma High building is to be used as school board administrative offices. 3730 Winbourne Ave 70805 Baton Rouge United States Call: (225) 355-7701
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Istrouma High School, Baton Rouge, United States

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