Chu Văn An High School, Hanoi, Vietnam

Chu Van An High School, also known as Chu Van An School or Pomelo School is one of the three provincial public magnet high schools in Hanoi, Vietnam, along with Hanoi-Amsterdam High School and Nguyen Hue High School. Established by French authorities in 1908 as High School of the Protectorate, this is one of the oldest institutions for secondary education in Indochina. Despite the initial purpose of the French government for this school which was training native civil servant to serve in their colonial establishments, Vietnamese students at Bưởi school, common name of the school, had many times struggled against colonial doctrine and the ruling power. With that patriotic and hard-working traditions, a lot of Bưởi alumni became important figures in many area of Vietnam society such as the revolutionary Phạm Văn Đồng, doctor Tôn Thất Tùng or poet Xuân Diệu.In 1945, Bưởi school was renamed Chu Van An High School and continued to keep its tradition in education and patriotism. Nowadays, Chu Van An High School is one of three national high school of Vietnam along with Le Hong Phong High School in Ho Chi Minh City and Quoc Hoc High School in Huế. Call: 01659458686
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Chu Văn An High School, Hanoi, Vietnam

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