Carmel High School (Indiana), Carmel, United States

Carmel High School is a public high school in Carmel, Indiana, United States. The high school is part of the Carmel Clay School District and has an enrollment of around 4,800 students as of 2013-14, making it the largest high school in the state of Indiana by number of students.HistoryCarmel High School has a long history dating back to 1887 when the cornerstone for the first CHS was laid on a building located on the south side of the town of Carmel. A second building was opened in 1922 on the present school site and housed students K through 12 until 1958. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors attended the school from 1964 to 1995. The current high school building dates from 1958. Since that opening there have been five additional construction projects that have expanded and renovated the building. The 2005-2006 school year marked the opening of the newest addition, the Freshman Center. In 2012 the gym department was expanded into the Fieldhouse parking lot. That area includes a 10,000 square foot work out area as well as another indoor pool. On one of the top floors, they added an indoor track, to complement the already present running track, which lies atop the varsity gym. 520 E Main St 46032 Carmel United States Call: (317) 846-7721
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Carmel High School (Indiana), Carmel, United States

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