Sumathi Awards

Appreciating proficiency, aptitude and dedication to art on the small screen! Sumathi Awards is for those who bring television to life... In Sri Lanka the Television is a dominating factor and competes successfully, with all other electronic media, impacting Entertainment, Education and Enrichment. Television has emerged superb in another Arts. Its progress in the island has proved unique and its growth formidable, with round the clock service. The television media has a sweeping effect or society and the younger generation in particular to geeing the epithet that it is the third parent, slim income, derived from films has also contributed the size of television industry. Sumathi group of Companies have boldly come forward and organized television festivals, acknowledging its significance and outstanding attainments. Their efforts should win the right applause of an and the leadership of Mrs. Milina Sumathipala in her role to solicit assistance of all artists- technicians and critics to prove such festivals a success and an inspiration to all, should be truly recognised
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Sumathi Awards

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Found: 18.08.2015


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