Ciao Italy Travelers, Como, Italy

Ciao tutti! This page is for those who are in search of "la dolce vita". Planning a trip to Italy? Have questions? Post here. Ciao tutti! This page is dedicated to members who love Italy and have information regarding traveling to or around Italy. This is an open page and our rules are very simple - information shared should be specifically about traveling to/in Italy, (where to stay, what to do, etc.) and to be respectful of each other. If you are planning a trip to Italy and need help, please feel free to post your questions and our group will give you their best insights. We encourage you to share your pictures, your experiences and any tips with fellow members. Most of all, we're here to help you. Invite your friends to join in too. Ciao Italy Travelers is destined to be "una famiglia grande." Piazza Del Duomo 1 22100 Como Italy Call: 850-316-8182
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Ciao Italy Travelers, Como, Italy

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