Travel Italy with Luca, Florence, Italy

TOURS OF ITALY I´m an Italian tour director working for different companies, leading groups of foreigners to the discovery of my beautiful country. I was born in the beautiful region of Umbria, the so called green heart of Italy but I´ve been living in Florence for almost 15 years. I graduated at the University of Florence in Foreign languages and literatures, I speak fluent English, French and Spanish. I´ve been working in the tourism business for almost 10 years and I´m now setting up my own business offering all kinds of services to the people who are willing to spend their vacations in Italy. I can offer large and small group tours, private tours, transportation, city guided tours, museums reservations, special events, boat rides, villas and apartments rentals, etc.... My website will be shortly ready to offer all these things, in the meantime I´d like to create a net of people who may like what I do. I will daily load videos and photos of my country, give restaurants and hotels recommendations, show you the most hidden spots of Italy and lots of other things. You can contact me just for a recommendation or even for arranging anything you want. Waiting for my company to be officially opened I will direct you to the companies which can satisfy all your requests. Can´t wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Borgo tegolaio 9 50125 Florence Italy Call: +393394034096
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Travel Italy with Luca, Florence, Italy

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