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A personal blog contains the latest news, articles, posts, and comments of Mr. Ehssan Dannouf. Ehssan Dannouf was born at Lattakia, Syria in 1986, and he studied in its schools and university until he has his current university degree issued from Tishreen University, the university located in his city Lattakia, and specialized in English Literature. Since he was in the first year collage, he worked in commercial correspondence at Dannouf for General Relations, which is a Public Relation Company established in 1979, and then after he has the required experience to become the CEO's assistant. Ehssan was responsible to e-mail, respond, and take care of customers, agents' e-messages and calls, and he was asked to translating, formatting, editing, and publishing formal and informal documents and offers as per required depending on Dannouf's business policy. In 2011, however, Ehssan has established his own entrepreneur project Angel for Flash and Multimedia ( Angel for Design Services) which was dedicated to design 2D Graphic and Flash animation for websites and for various projects required by individuals, professionals, and companies. Here is the links of the Angel's formal page online: During his current visit to Turkey, Ehssan Dannouf has become an expert in tourism; he has been working as a tour guide in an international organization: "Jurasic land". whereas he has been developing his project, Ehssan has enjoyed becoming a freelance poet, song writer, and a story teller. -------------------------------
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Ehssan Dannouf 's Personal FB Blog

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