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Thoughts & Ideas For Passionate Living. I was always scared of doing a blog. Why would anyone listen to me? Would anyone take me seriously, or pay attention? Won’t people just go into the comment section of my articles and just criticize and troll the shit out of me? I could care less about any of that now. I wanted to create a place where my family, friends, clients, colleagues, and people I’ve never met could find some form of daily inspiration, motivation, and helpful Life-insights. I wanted to take the chance to share my message, beliefs, and philosophies with the world. I just hope that, along the way, someone can read something I’ve written, or taken in something I’ve said, and become inspired. I’m a dedicated and committed student of Personal Development. Much of my daily life is spent finding ways to master myself and maximize my own potential. I don’t want to be a 90 year old filled with horrible memories of chances missed, opportunities squandered, and risks never taken. I want to become the best version of Will that I possibly can be. With that being said, here’s some more tidbits about me: Age – 28 From – Cincinnati, Ohio Current City – Fort Myers, Florida Career – Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Speaker, Personal Development Trainer, and Aspiring Author Interests – Reading, Writing, Music, Films, Soccer, Healthy Eating, Exercising, Video Games, Art, Eastern Culture (Chinese & Japanese) and Political Activism Thanks for stopping by. To Your Success, Will Jonathan
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Will Jonathan's Blog - Life On The Path To Personal Growth

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