Professional Career Services Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana

We offer professional career services for owners of start ups, potential businesses and job hunters. View our services to see how we can help you succeed. Professional Career Services Guyana is designed to help persons new to entrepreneurship or the job market establish a solid foundation for their success. If you are or desire to be an entrepreneur, we can provide consultancy services that will help you streamline your business. To further assist you, we can also edit and prepare your business plan or proposal, whether it is needed for general purposes or to acquire a loan/grant. If you are seeking employment, we can help you get the first interview you desire. With custom-designed and professional resumes & cover letters, you will be sure to capture the attention of your potential employer at a first glance. We can also proofread and edit these documents to ensure they are impressive and effective. For students and adults, we offer training and workshop sessions on developing skills in strategic thinking and planning, leadership, improving self-confidence and esteem for life, employment and entrepreneurship. Further, we provide formatting services for your reports, papers and assignments. If you have any queries, feel free make contact, via telephone or email. - 00592 Georgetown Guyana Call: +592-671-7705
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Professional Career Services Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana

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