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The Facebook Page of the Law Office of Flerida Ruth "Pia" Zabala Attorney Bio: Bar Admissions: 2005, California; 2004, Utah LL.M. Taxation, with honors, December 21, 2013, Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, California J.D., May 14, 2004, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah University of Innsbruck, Austria, 2002 Summer Law Study Abroad B.A. Philosophy, cum laude, June 3, 1993, University of the Philippines - Diliman Born: Philippines, August 15, 1972 Motto: Be all you can be. (Army motto) Favorite food: Fried dried squid served with vinegar Favorite philosopher: Immanuel Kant Personal Statement: Your retirement is never complete without an estate plan. You need it even more if you are still working and have dependents relying on you. But before you retire, to have an estate plan is a must. Estate planning is how you arrange for the disposition of your assets in a way you want without a court trying to assume what your wishes could have been, and practically, without your loved ones fighting over your assets, creating animosity among themselves, and worse, depleting your assets as a result of unnecessary costly litigation. Thinking about your estate plan is like thinking about your retirement which you should think about ahead of time because you are more likely to enjoy a high-quality retirement - and your life as a whole - if you have that peace of mind knowing that you are able to actualize the things you want and actually do the things you passionately care about doing during the last chapter in your life. There is no going back once you get there at the end. With a smart plan, you can be confident about your life in retirement, which practically comes from consciously choosing to execute matters that are in your control while you are still capable of doing so. As they said, it is never too late to think about your future and the future of your loved ones because "today is the first day of the rest of your life." Now I believe that a person's success can also be measured by the manner in which he or she supports others to succeed. I was trained in the military as a soldier legal specialist in the U.S. Army JAG Corps and after having experienced working with the finest lawyers in the country providing legal services to the men and women in uniform, I found my passion - law. I am now licensed to practice law in the States of California and Utah. And I am grateful for all the people that help me along the way so I can be of service to others who need legal help. I exist to serve others, not to become a hero, but merely to live a meaningful life. That is one of my philosophies in life. I am passionate about what I do as a lawyer: (1) help others solve their problems or prevent them before they arise, (2) inspire people to succeed in their plan for the future, (3) continue to challenge and educate myself in the areas of my practice, and (4) give back to the community. It is my goal and life-long commitment to help you succeed in planning your estate as part of your retirement plan. Creating an atmosphere of love, peace and harmony in the family is the first step toward estate planning because that is the time when you begin to think about your loved ones and their potential situation when for some reasons you can no longer be there for them. Keep in mind that estate planning is also about planning for your later life at the time when you are most vulnerable to incapacity. If you fail to take that first step, and the second step, rest assured the entire world will not die with you. I will be there for you on your behalf to help your loved ones organize your affairs after your death. Now what sets me apart is that I am creative, prompt and thorough in my analysis and approach to solving legal problems, so your case will be given the personal attention it deserves. Knowledge of the law is very important - same as competence, which is why I went back to law school at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco for my master's in taxation law (LLM) to formally learn in depth the areas of my specialization - tax and estate planning in particular - so that I can be efficient and effective as a lawyer in this exceedingly complex field of law. As your counsel, it is very important for me to appreciate that you and I can be on the same level in understanding the best solution to your legal problems and that you are fully engaged in all aspects of your case. 2701 Del Paso Road, Suite 130-195 95835 Sacramento United States Call: (916) 468-2257
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Law Office of Flerida Ruth Zabala - Sacramento Tax & Estate Planning Firm, Sacramento, United States

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