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ITV Channel TV, previously Channel Television, is a British television station which has served as the ITV contractor for the Channel Islands since 1962. It is based in Jersey and broadcasts regional programme for insertion into the network ITV schedule. Until November 2011, Channel Television was one of four ITV companies independent from ITV plc alongside the two STV regions in Scotland and UTV in Northern Ireland. It is currently owned by ITV plc.Until the takeover by ITV plc, Channel Television also had a responsibility to ensure independent programmes for ITV complied with the broadcaster's rules. This resulted in the station handling compliance for programmes including The X Factor, Midsomer Murders and the British Comedy Awards.The station's main competitor is the BBC, who operate an opt-out of the South West England news programme Spotlight.HistoryLaunchChannel Television was awarded the license for the islands in 1960 by the then regulator the Independent Television Authority (ITA). However, the ITA pointed out that the Television Act 1954 that established ITV did not include provision for the channel islands and as a result, if the ITA were to operate an ITV service there, they would have to be permitted by means of extending the Act to the islands with an Order in Council. In addition, the new channel faced the difficulties associated with connecting the channel to the remainder of the ITV network. The solution was the construction of a microwave relay station on the northern island of Alderney that would connect with another ITV station, initially Westward Television. At first, the station received difficulties in getting permission for the new mast, but these were overcome in September 1961.
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Channel tv

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