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TV channel for Middle East on Nilesat Satellite : Nilesat Frequency : 10949 Polarity : Vertical Symbol rate : 27500 ------------------------------------------------------------------- We provide quality television entertainment to the general public in English, Urdu, and Hindi. AWAZ TV’s goal is to bring entertainment to the Middle East in a way that will revolutionize television in the Middle East. AWAZ TV brings to the viewing audience a whole new way of watching regular TV. It has shows ranging from the latest in music entertainment and to the latest in programming and movies in English, Urdu and Hindi and even classic movies. Original shows and interactions with the public can also be expected. With a young and modern mindset on the heels of AWAZ TV we will ensure that we bring to the television what the general public truly desires in a television station. We plan to expand and cover the entire Middle East as we continue to grow into a phenomenal source of true entertainment. So stay tuned and support us as we bring you the best in entertainment from around the globe directly to your television screens for free! Thanks for tuning in to watch AWAZ Tv from Syed Azfar Humayun, Syed Athar Humayun, and Team
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Awaz Tv Channel

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