NTM/STN - The first private TV channel in Pakistan

SALAM Everyone...This page is created to pay tribute to the channel which we loved in our childhood...When Life was simple and innocent....So Go back into the 90's by visiting this page and also SUGGEST IT to all of ur friends......:) NTM - A former Shalimar Television Network Channel Anyone who grew up in the 90's in Pakistan will fondly remember that era. People's lives revolved around the TV in those days and when NTM was launched, it was sort of a NOVELTY. The Network Television Marketing was Pakistan's first ever private sector Television Channel. NTM had started its transmission in 1990 under a 3-year agreement with Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Company (STN). NTM succeeded in acquiring much popularity for its plays, stage and music shows. NTM introduced lot of youngsters as comperes and announcers, like Sania Saeed, Atiqa Odho, Humayoon Saeed, Nadia Khan, Fakhr-e-Alam, Khalid Anum and many more. Popular Shows and Plays of NTM Chand Girhan (Drama) Dasht (Drama) Kashkol (Drama) Red Card (Drama) Sitara Aur Mehrunnisa (Drama) Nadan Nadia (Comedy sitcom) Music Channel Chart Jaal (Drama) Aashiyana (Drama)
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NTM/STN - The first private TV channel in Pakistan

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