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Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography, Worcester, United States

A Modern & Organic style art. For those who want wall art just not portraits. ~ A Maternity, Newborn and Child Photographer Mary has studied and mentored with some of the major and most popular Newborn Photographers in the USA and Canada. She has attended multiple Newborn workshops since 2010 to gain the proper techniques and soothing to ensure your newborns safety in her photography. A mom of 3, Mary has made photographing newborns her concentration since 2009. She has taken many classes and workshops on how to comfort newborns, perfect posing techniques and artistic set-ups. She has a love for newborn art and capturing the miracle of the life you just created. She has a natural light studio in Worcester MA but also has studio lighting as well for the gloomy days. The studio allows for a quiet and peaceful environment with availability to many different set-ups and access to Mary’s large selection of props. Inquiries: Call: (860) 810-7607
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Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography, Worcester, United States

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