Angel's Pet Services, Selangor, Malaysia

Pet Nanny, Pet-sitting, pet products and pet related services to support my on constant and never ending rescuing efforts. Whatever I earned, will be spent on the poor neglected animals. My friends said I'm contributing to the community. What's your say? I offer pet-sitting, pet-walking, pet related products, all pet related services. Do call me for more info@ 012-2255831 What exactly I do, been sum up beautifully below.... "I have always rescued, re-homed & adopted strays — mostly dogs and cats. It is difficult, foreign, challenging, sometimes a source of regret, but I need it. I'm filled with love and rewards whenever I observed my family - fur family - loving and nurturing, and fighting with one another." ~Chicken soup for the soul, what I learned from the dog.....My mother the Bear by Brian Taylor Call: 6012-2255831
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Angel's Pet Services, Selangor, Malaysia

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