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Telltale Games, Inc is an American independent digital developer and publisher founded in June 2004 as Telltale, Incorporated. Based in San Rafael, California, the studio includes designers formerly employed by LucasArts. Its business model revolves around episodic gaming and digital distribution, and it is best known for its various graphic adventure game series based on popular licensed properties.Many of the games that have been developed by Telltale Games are released episodically. Several episodes, released together in a season, are released periodically through a certain timeframe, often concluding around half a year or so after the initial release. Despite critical and commercial success, Telltale's titles are reported to encounter notable bugs and technical deficiencies.Notable titles by Telltale include adventure-game adaptations of Sam & Max; Homestar Runner; Monkey Island; the movie series Back to the Future and Jurassic Park; the comic book series The Walking Dead and Fables; the HBO TV series Game of Thrones; Tales from the Borderlands, a spinoff to the video game series Borderlands; and the series Minecraft: Story Mode, a spinoff to the video game Minecraft.
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Telltale Games

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