MovieGrille, Ogden, United States

3 screen cinema and full service restaurant A DINE-IN THEATER HAS FINALLY COME TO UTAH. MovieGrille will be a four screen cinema with full in-theater dining service located in downtown Ogden, Utah. Moviegoers will experience Hollywood hits while enjoying the luxury of either a full VIP Lazyboy recliner with built-in swivel dining tables or our upscale, roomy theater seats that are also equipped with built-in swivel dining tables. Customers will have the ability to order quality food, drinks and desserts from the comfort of their seats (servers are available to take your order directly and serve you throughout the film). MovieGrille will also feature a cinema-themed in-house lounge/café which will serve food and drinks all day while customers can enjoy sports and other entertainment on our large flat screen TVs or shoot a game of pool with friends. We have a select menu and use only the freshest ingredients in our food. In addition to our food and desserts, vintage and specialty sodas, and traditional movie concessions. 2293 Grant Ave 84401 Ogden United States Call: (801) 621-4738
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MovieGrille, Ogden, United States

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