Movie Palace, Elizabethtown, United States

Movie palace has 12 theaters and concession consisting of popcorn, drinks, and candy. - is our only website we control. Recording (270)769-1505. - Prices for matinee shows: ( Everyone is the same price at matinee 1PM-4:30PM) 2D- $6.00 3D** $9.00 - Prices for night shows(6PM-CLOSE): 2D- Adults (12+) $8.00, Children (2yrs-11yrs) $6.00, and Seniors (55+) $6.00 3D** Adults (12+) $11.00, Children (2yrs-11yrs) $9.00, and Seniors (55+) $9.00 -We accept all major credit cards. -NO refunds or exchanges on sold out movies. -Gift Certificates come in "Movie Money" same as cash but used ONLY for movies and sold in ticket prices. EXAMPLE $8.00 for adult or $6.00 for child or matinee. -R RATED MOVIES: You must be 17 and older to buy your own ticket. Children 11 years old and under must be accompanied by parent/guardian. 12 yrs-16yrs parent/guardian must approve and buy the ticket. ATTENTION: Any midnight showings will be posted as soon as we get the information on whether we are doing one or not. -Upcoming movies will be posted on Facebook only. 1231 Woodland Dr 42701 Elizabethtown United States Call: (270) 769-1505
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Movie Palace, Elizabethtown, United States

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