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Tesseract Toys & Games - Bringing fun to the next dimension. Founder Jeremy Davis is a 39 yo child of the 80's. Jeremy has an AS Degree in Digital Media Production and will soon complete his BAS in Digital Design & 3D Animation. Jeremy has been making custom action figures professionally since 1997 and is known around the internet as Zartanman. Co-founder Eric Bean is also a 39 yo 80's kid. Eric and Jeremy have been friends since 1999. Eric has over twenty years experience with RPG games, both playing, GM and creating his own RPG tabletop games. Eric is an avid PC Gamer as well and understands every aspect of what makes a great game. Both Eric & Jeremy have experience in creative writing and have both completed novels. (which may see the light of day someday)
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Tesseract Toys & Games

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