I.Q. Toys and Games, Hartville, United States

Educational Toy Store In 1984, my husband and I were looking for gifts to give to our friends' children. The toys we found were not of good quality -- they always broke, or the pieces got lost. The nearest specialty store that carried the creative, imaginative, and quality toys we had been looking for was a 2-hour drive from where we lived. I decided to start a store in our own hometown of Hartville, Ohio, and my husband and I headed to the American International Toy Fair in New York City to find and "test-drive" the type of toys I wanted to give the children in my life. I have a background in social work and child development, and I understand the vital role of play in developing emotional and social maturity and building cognitive skills in children. I know the importance of having toys that were not only age-appropriate but are suited to the abilities of the child, from children with learning difficulties at one end of the spectrum to those who are gifted. All toys are not created equal -- some have more play value than others. Toys should be fun and engaging. Toys with good play value will maintain the interest of children; they will not become bored with the toys and discard them quickly. 1289 Edison St NW 44632 Hartville United States Call: (330) 877-1827
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I.Q. Toys and Games, Hartville, United States

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