Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto, Canada

Built on a foundation of professional expertise and personal service, Shoppers Drug Mart has been meeting Canadians' health care needs for over 40 years. What was once a small pharmacy in Toronto has grown into an organization of over 1,132 stores. Welcome! We are excited to see that you have found us and want to engage! Although we encourage opinions and the opportunity to talk with you, we do have some rules in addition to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that you need to abide by in order to be a participant within this community: 1. Please do not share personal or confidential information on the wall such as Shoppers Optimum Account information, addresses or contact information. 2. Please do private message us with any concerns, or questions. If you have questions regarding your Shoppers Optimum Account please e-­mail us at 3. Please do contribute to the conversation with productive comments; 4. Any posts containing advertising or promotional materials will be removed from the wall. Additionally, please be advised that the following activities are deemed unacceptable and may result in the participant’s comment s being removed and furthermore the participant being banned from the community. • Comments that attack or demean individuals or organizations will not be accepted. • Harassing fellow community members or personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. • Racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise discriminatory and offensive language will not be permitted. • Swearing, name calling, and otherwise abusive language will not be accepted •Comments that are defamatory or otherwise falsely harmful to the reputation of others or the company will not be accepted. •There is zero tolerance for pornography, sexually explicit content and depictions of graphic or gratuitous violence. •Do not impersonate others. Welcome to our Community! 243 Consumers Rd M2J4W8 Toronto Canada Call: 1 800 SHOPPERs
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Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto, Canada

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