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Donate here to help me make more online JiuJitsu videos for the community Before my Donation Page is up you can send donations on paypal to is about to go through a huge change! I've been making these videos for free for over 5 years now for free with money from my own pocket and some sponsors. At first i was making these films to get get my name recognized so the JiuJitsu community know that I produce good quality documentary and film content. I have now successfully built up a large fan base and people want more! It was very recently when i almost decided to give up on making these videos, but it was Dean Lister that said to me "If you give up on your dreams, a part of you dies inside." This is very true, this is why i have been making a lot of motivational videos recently to inspire people to do what they really want to do and what they are passionate about. I want to continue making these films but i am finding myself in a big loss. The sponsors that i have are awesome but it doesn't cover the cost of my trips, expenses and living. Soon i will be setting up an page too where you can also donate and fund my next 20 videos that will be out this year. I need just enough money and donations to cover my costs of traveling, equipment and expenses so I can keep on producing my JiuJitsu and MMA documentaries and films. All the money will be invested back into the film making itself. You can donate $100, $50, $10 or even $5, whatever you like and can afford. Every bit counts and makes a difference. I was hoping over the years a big sponsor would come my way and make this my full time job, but that unfortunately has not happened. It seems there is no money in jiujitsu. This is another reason to donate. So that i can produce documentaries on these world class, hard working athletes who don't make much money, even if they are famous to us, they struggle for money and don't get much exposure, that's where can help. My real job and source of income comes mostly from making wedding videos. I don't want to do that anymore!!! Haha Please help me and the BJJ professional athletes so i can carry on making these films. The donations will help the athletes get more exposure and recognition they deserve and it will also help the sport grow. Hopefully i can make this my full time job so i can fully focus and produce more content for the BJJ community online for free. The donations will mean so much to me!! My videos range from 1000 views to over 300,000 views! Imagine if you all donated anything from $5 to $50. That would be a lot of documentaries i can make with that money. I'm not a greedy person at all, otherwise i wouldn't have started doing this in the first place. I just love the sport and want to see t grow. I actually hate money, it makes you cautious and anxious at times, we are always worrying about how much money we have. I'm all about lifestyle and happiness which is the message that i try to get across in my films. I sleep in the gym all the time when I'm traveling and filming my documentaries and will continue to do so, so more films can be made. So please if you have time and just a little bit of money, any amount will make a difference. I want to share the Art that i love so much, the Art that Changed my life and many other peoples lives for the better. I do my best to show this through my films. My most recent trip to America cost me over 20,000 USD which went towards flights, travel and expenses to film all of my next 20 projects, it also went towards an entire new set of of camera equipment, lenses, mics, flash cards, editing software, tripods and now I have a 2 camera set up. The films that i have to come out in the next 12 months feature Kron Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Romulo Barral, Dean Lister, Scott Nelson (founder of OTM who is full of interesting stories from back in the day) Henry Akins, Jeff Glover, Kurt Osiander, Andreas Kraniotakes, UFC Fighter Pat Cote, My good friend and UFC Vet Roger Huerta, Keenan Cornelius, Andre Galvao, Xande Ribeiro, More motivational JiuJitsu Highlights to inspire us to train, a 4 part documentary series on ADCC with each episode being one hour long and many more big names and many more highlights. I need support from everyone to keep these videos going or eventually i will have to unfortunately stop. Thank you to everybody who have always watched and shared my videos, i never had any idea that this would happen or i would develop such a big following in the BJJ World, and the views and comments i get blow me away. Please share this page if you like what i am doing so more donations can be made and then more films can be produced and the athletes and sport will get more exposure. Before my Donation Page is up you can send donations on paypal to Thank you so much Stu 11-13 priory lane, penwortham, pr10ar Preston United Kingdom
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Stuart Cooper Films, Preston, United Kingdom

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