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Cinema Lives Here // Dedicated to bringing independent, foreign, documentary and classic films to life! For a full list of our titles please visit Films are aesthetic expressions of human experiences. Where language and grammar try to limit the confines of a “given” meaning, poems and films agitate the seemingly immutable monopolies of truth that, with certitude, try to shape and govern the constructs of human societies. It is in this magnificent collide of what “ought-to-be” real and that which has been defined as fictive that these aesthetic means of expression sublate the human experiences beyond the neatly defined boundaries of meaning and certainty. Here, artists allow for the possibility—and only the possibility—of the unfamiliar to become familiar and as such all constructs of society become subjects of suspect by inquisitive minds. Films nurture the imagination of humans and allow them to challenge the common case of metaphysical agoraphobia that centuries of experiencing dogma have culturally and institutionally concretized. With this as our understanding of this medium of art, we try very hard to bring to our customers the very best of such artistic expressions. We encourage you to contact and share your ideas and thoughts with us.
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Olive Films

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