Digital Image Tool 3.1

Freeware utility for batch processing and watermarking your photos. MS Windows. Batch Image Re size: Scale or apply max width or height settings, images are never skewed or scaled over 100% Batch Image Rotation: Apply individual rotation or apply a particular rotation to all images. Batch Watermark Use built in or custom watermark using image of your choosing. Control watermark transparency as well as positioning, you can also tile as well. Batch Image Captioning Custom tag images with text in lower right corner with date, filename and or custom text, also you can control the transparency. Batch Image Rename Rename multiple image files with ease. Includes search and replace, suffix/prefix text, numbering and replacing blank spaces with a lowerdash. Batch Image Cropping Apply batch crop to images based on percentages. Automatically detect any images that may have been rotated and adjust crop accordingly. Input GIF TIF JPG BMP PSD PNG TGA + RAW many camera formats Ouput JPG TIF BMP PNG Installer / Uninstaller Simple install/uninstaller included
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Digital Image Tool 3.1

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Found: 20.08.2015


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