Palette (freeware game)

Palette is a Japanese language freeware adventure game that was made with RPG Tsukūru 95 by Nishida Yoshitaka (西田好孝). The game was highly acclaimed in the Fourth ASCII Entertainment Software Contest, awarded a Grand Prix of 10,000,000 yen, which resulted in remaking the game for PlayStation by Enterbrain. That version, entitled Forget me not -Palette-, saw the release on April 26, 2001 exclusively in Japan.GameplayIn Palette, players would help a girl, referred to as B.D., whom apparently turned amnesiac by an accident, restore her memory as a well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Shian. Players essentially control B.D. in the scenery of her memory, which constitutes a maze with rooms and passages. In exploration, there are two modes of gameplay; in one mode, maps are colored in black and white often sprinkled with bright red, that denotes for example blood, with a noise continuously ringing, in which players can go between maps. With B.D. moving to another map, the gauge shown on the right side of the screen decreases one by one, it occurs also when B.D. touches barriers that are placed occasionally in maps. When the said gauge reached the bottom line, B.D. claims headache, and players would be sent back to the map of Shian's office. Shian would call her again to continue the game.When B.D. examines a specific object in the said mode, the game switches to the other mode. In that mode, in which maps are tinted with sepia-toned colors, while not allowed to change scenes, players can restore B.D.'s "missing" memories by examining objects framed in a white line. When a specific thing is checked, a range of exploration would be expanded with a new passage lifted. If players check on the object that switched the gameplay mode once again, the gameplay mode would be changed back to the one mentioned before.
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Palette (freeware game)

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