Bruce Springsteen Please Come Home

We are Tramps and part of the E Street Nation. Our objective is to convince Bruce Springsteen to add some US Tour dates. We will always love The Boss, however, even if he never plays another US show. But pretty please... Dear Bruce, Some of us don't have the money to see you overseas. Some of us can no longer afford to travel abroad to attend a beloved show. We have followed you in spirit or in person to Europe, Australia, South America and the just announced, South Africa. It's time to come home, Boss. Times are tough and keep getting tougher in the States. We need a night to forget our troubles and be happy. We need to sing and dance with you and the E Street Band. We want to visit our American friends in the pit. We don't mean to sound selfish. We just want you back. So please, Boss, give us some US tour dates soon. As always, we are forever grateful for your commitment to your music and your fans. We are looking forward to making new memories with you right here in the USA. Members of the E Street Nation
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Bruce Springsteen Please Come Home

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Found: 20.08.2015


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