Kamikaze (record label)

Kamikaze is a Thai record label owned by RS Public Company Limited. It was founded in 2007 by Sutipong Wattanajung. The label focuses on young artists, ranging in age from 14 to 22, tapping into the underserved Thai market, where popular media, especially music, consists mostly of imports from South Korea, Japan and North America. Despite influences from these regions, most of these artists perform primarily or exclusively in the Thai language. Some of Kamikaze's artists have also served as media ambassadors to other nations, such as South Korea. Four-Mod, a successful female pop duo, was among the first artists signed to this label. The label's first major collaborative album release, Kamikaze, was met with success.ArtistsCurrentMarcThirdThank YouGreenV.R.P.PartFormersTimethaiFour-ModFaye Fang KeawK-oticNeko JumpKnomjeanWaii3.2.1Mr.Min
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Kamikaze (record label)

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