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A fashion and lifestyle blog of an aspiring designer, model and fashionista, sharing confidence and positivity! Welcome to WWW.ZERXZASTYLE.BLOGSPOT.COM I'm Epp, a fashionista, model, freelanced journalist and artist, sharing her views in fashion through the blog! In my personal perspective I talk about all in fashion: the flaws, the controversy, the rant and of course - trends, tips, inspiration. Being a size 10-12, I bring confidence and positivity to girls who are not sure about their appearance and self-image. Together we can make it shine! My life moto is: Wins the one who believes in winning! If you have any questions, inquiries, ideas for collaboration, contact me via email: ZERXZA@HOTMAIL.COM Thank you so much for all your support <3
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Zerxza - a personal fashion blog

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