At Home Pet Services, Bognor, United Kingdom

Dog walking, Pet feeding, Pet visits, Small animal care, Pets to vets, Pet taxi, holiday homes for dogs All dog owners know how important regular exercise and socialisation is. A walk not only exercises your dog physically - it provides a different environment that challenges and stimulates their senses. It's hard for humans to appreciate the capacity of a dog's sense of smell and to understand exactly how it sees and what it hears. I always liken it to reading the daily doggy news At Home Pet Services understand that today’s life pressures sometimes get in the way so why not let us provide this service for you and your dog. One good long walk a day is essential for his/her emotional and mental stability. Exercise is a potent stress reliever for all animals, and a regular walk schedule will enhance your dog's life immeasurably. Our commitment to providing you with a service you will be happy with and walks that your dog will love starts with our free consultation. We will come and meet you and your dog/s and get to know your family, this is important to us. We want to understand your dog/s likes and dislikes and will learn about any favourite games your dog/s like to play. It is also important for you to feel comfortable with us so during our consultation, we will provide you with proof of our CRB check, along with our insurance policy and first aid certificate. Once you are happy that we will care for your dog/s as if you are there and the formalities of paperwork are complete, the fun begins. Your sociable and friendly dog/s will collected from your home at a pre-arranged time (emergency situations can be covered but will be subject to a surcharge) and take them for a group walk (no more than six dogs walked per handler) where they will have an hours off lead exercise (subject to written agreement from you) Your dog/s will be transported in safe, secure, specially modified transport. We will then return your dog/s to your home as clean as possible and provide your dog with fresh water. You can rest assured that he/she will be a happy snoozing pooch until your return home whereby he/she can tell you all about the fun they have had and the friends they have made along the way. We understand that a group walk does not suit all dogs. Some dogs prefer to be exercised with dogs from their own family or alone and this is fine too. We will cater our services to your dog’s needs as that is what is important to us. We do not want to put your dog in a situation that will prove stressful for him/her. Call: 07795817744
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At Home Pet Services, Bognor, United Kingdom

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