LK9 Pet Services, Blyth, United Kingdom

Professional Pet Services in Blyth, Northumberland. Please find prices below. Hi I'm Lian, your local friendly dog walker! I have worked with animals all my life and have gained valuable experience and qualifications. These include studying animal management in college and working for the British Army as a dog trainer I have experience in the behavioural mind set of the dog aswell as the physical handling. My biggest adventure was a 7 month tour of Afghanistan in 2010 with my Belgian Shepherd Vigo. Since then I have worked with all kinds of dogs in different situations throughout my career and I feel it is time to bring my experience home to help dogs owned by hardworking people such as yourselves. You will have piece of mind knowing your beloved friend has been out and about having fun while you have been working away. Regular walks help dogs in so many ways; it can build confidence, decrease frustration, help ease separation anxiety and keep dogs fit! For the social dogs I have group walk sessions with up to four dogs. Your dog prefer one on one treatment? Not a problem I also have solo walk sessions. For the dogs that like to keep fit or perhaps need to loose a little weight, I have doggy fitness sessions, this will be a 30 minute run per session at a speed manageable for your dog. Prices Group walks (up to four dogs) - Hour walk - £10 (£3 per extra dog in household) - Half hour walk - £6 (£1.50 per extra dog in household) Solo walks - Hour walk - £13 (£1 per extra dog in household) - Half hour walk - £7 (£1 per extra dog in household) - Half hour run - £9 - Feed, water, toilet and play (30 minutes) - £7 - Emergency call out includes feed, water and 20 minute walk - £12 A free of charge introduction session will be carried out before walks, this way you can get to know me and I can get to know your dog(s). All qualifications will be available to view. All dogs must have up to date vaccinations (including kennel cough). It is advisable that dogs are also insured. Emergency call outs are available for life's little ups and downs, say you have had to stay behind late at work, one worry off your mind will be through one phone call I can make sure your dog has been for a twenty minute toilet walk, water topped up and if you wish fed all ready for your return. So you can relax, your dog is taken care of. Call: 07821357913
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LK9 Pet Services, Blyth, United Kingdom

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