Kingdom Kare Pet Services, Westhoughton, United Kingdom

We are an animal service that can provide everything you need. From walking to treats # # DOG TREATS, ANIMAL FEEDS £1 per bag!!! # You Kare, We Kare, Kingdom Kare!!! At Kingdom Kare Pet Supplies we are dedicated to your pets well being. We provide a wide range of affordable quality pet products that enable you to give your furry freinds the quality of life they deserve. From quality food to premium grooming products, Kingdom Kare has it covered. We cater for dogs, cats, fish (indoor and outdoor), birds (domestic, wild and poultry), rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, degu's, chinchilla's, ferrets, reptiles and amphibians. As well as this we provide alot of other allied services to help you keep your daily life as stress free as possible. I am fully insured and aswell as animal first aid I hold a degree in animal welfare and science so your pet would be in very good hands if you require any of our other services. I have previously worked for the RSPCA and various kennels. Prices depend entirely on what you require from us. Our insurance covers key holding and property loss/ damage so your covered in every eventuality. Please tell us what you require and we can give you a tailor made package to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding our products or the services that we provide. Market Street BL5 3AZ Westhoughton United Kingdom Call: 07785375369
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Kingdom Kare Pet Services, Westhoughton, United Kingdom

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