Bianca Randall Pet Services, Weymouth, United Kingdom

Hello there! My name is Bianca Randall, animals are my passion. I specialize in pet sitting, dog walking and equine care. Going away? Work mornings ? Taking the kids to school? Do you feel there's just not enough time in the day!? Is it all getting too much? I believe I can help you when you need it the most, I can adjust too suit your needs, I do anything from turning your horse out to exercising your horse with all the in between, all from just £7.50. Contact me for more details. I am 21 years old, huge animal lover, grown up with and around horses, I am a very caring person who has a great passion towards equine! being around them gives a brilliant feel of freedom. I strongly believe I can connect with horses of any kind as i feel i provide a unique from of care that i feel is different from anything else. At the end of the day i look at horses as individuals and not just a task. My passion is at the heart of the horse and i want to be able to bring this to each and every one of you through what i believe in. Call: 07824827818
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Bianca Randall Pet Services, Weymouth, United Kingdom

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