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The OFFICIAL Facebook Page of FC Pune City, a franchise representing Pune in the Hero Indian Super League. FC Pune City is a franchise representing Pune in the Hero Indian Super League.. The Wadhawan group has joined hands with the Italian giants ACF Fiorentina and Bollywood legend Hrithik Roshan to further nurture and groom this pool of talent. The club identity is inspired by the history of Pune. The identity is a strong combination of a fort within a shield, both of which are characteristics of the great Maratha King - Shivaji Maharaj. The flag mounted on the top of the fort depicts a winning attitude, while the vibrant colors signify a youthful and energetic outlook to the game. Inculcating the values of the great Maratha warrior and the motto of ‘Honour, Passion, Glory’, FC Pune City is set to be a world class brand. The Orange & Violet colours of the club's logo depict the coming together of FC Pune City and ACF Fiorentina. The flag signifies the importance of winning with passion and honour leading to glory. Under the tutelage of the experienced Italian manager Franco Colomba, experienced campaigners and a smattering of young Indian talent also on display, FC Pune City is all set to start a sensational run to claim the first Hero Indian Super League Trophy.
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FC Pune City

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