Digos City National High School, Digos, Philippines

Digos City National High School formerly known as Davao del Sur National High School, is situated at Rizal Avenue, Zone II, Digos City, is one of the biggest school in Davao Region, under the jurisdiction of the DepEd Division of Digos City. The Digos City National High School is also once the second largest secondary school in the country in terms of student population, second only to Rizal National High School in Pasig City. Founded on August 1946 with the name of Digos Junior High school.HistoryThe Digos City National High School was founded in August, 1946. It was originally named Digos Junior High School. It started with just two humble nipa huts at Rizal Avenue, Digos, Davao del Sur. The school principal, then, was the late Crispin Tolentino. There were only nine teachers to help him guide the 250 students from 1946 to 1967. Two years later, the name was changed to Digos Provincial High School.From 1968 to 1975, the school principal was the late Federico Alferez. The school had 4,760 students, 249 teachers and employees. After twenty nine years of hard work, perseverance and determination on the part of the administrator, the enrolment tremendously increase and later the name of the school was changed to Davao del Sur National High School specifically in 1970. At that time, there was an assistant principal, 8 department heads and guidance coordinator.Mr. Ramon C. Presto became the school principal from 1976 to 1997 with 7,118 students, 252 teachers and seventeen employees until he died in 1997. Mr. Alfonso G. Gomez, Jr., CESO V, Schools Division Superintendent of Davao del Sur took over and acted as Officer-in-Charge of the school from 1997 to August 12, 1998 with 7,973 students, 252 teachers and 17 employees. Rizal Avenue 8002 Digos Philippines Call: 09469306669
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Digos City National High School, Digos, Philippines

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