Faruk Medical City, As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Faruk Medical City Our hospital has all you need. We are proud to introduce our hospital, Faruk Medical City, where patients are welcomed by our friendly and professional staff and provided with high-quality healthcare in a pleasant, caring, and clean environment. Faruk Medical City, made up of several healthcare clinics and a private medical center, is equipped with the most advanced technology and sterilization systems to meet all international healthcare standards and to ensure that patients receive the best medical service. We serve in a professional and sophisticated environment. Faruk Medical City was constructed by Faruk Group Holding in the city of Sulaimani, Iraq, and is managed by the Acibadem Healthcare Group from Turkey. Faruk Medical City was built strategically in terms of accessibility from Malik Mahmood Street. Faruk Medical City was built on 70,000 square meters, a large-scale specification that allows us to accept a considerable number of patients and serve them in a professional and sophisticated environment where patient safety and comfort is top priority. Faruk Medical City is the epitome of architectural quality. From the very first building blocks, all of the architects, designers, and organizers used the highest standards and quality in the construction of Faruk Medical City, which boasts an advanced antibacterial sterilization system and helipads for medical helicopters to transfer patients in case of emergency. Meanwhile, the inside of the building was designed so that all patients and their relatives can easily access the various areas of the hospital. A patient-centric approach was considered in all aspects of architecture and design. We are easily accessible Faruk Medical City is located 60 meters off of Malik Mahmood Street, Sulaimani’s most elegant area where you can quickly reach medical service without the worry of traffic congestion. Faruk Medical City provides the best medical service in a peaceful environment. Faruk Medical City has 210 patient beds and more than 100 high-caliber board-certified physicians, always ready to take care of you. Feel at home in Faruk Medical City. Faruk Medical City has 120 fully equipped single rooms, 21 modern suites outfitted with world-class medical equipment and designs, and 3 presidential suites equipped with devices for the disabled so as to offer the supportive and healing environment that makes our hospital unique. Faruk Medical City has high-tech operating rooms. Faruk Medical City has 11 advanced operating rooms equipped with the latest medical technologies monitored by our professional staff. The design of our system offers customized quality care throughout the hospital. Faruk Medical City boasts advanced intensive care units. One of our major priorities is to offer the highest level of intensive care. For this purpose, we have prepared 6 open-heart intensive care beds, 13 general intensive care beds, 7 coronary care beds equipped with the best and latest medical technology. Furthermore, we have 5 neonatal (premature newborn intensive care) beds, which facilitate close observation by superior staff through the most advanced technology. Faruk Medical City takes the utmost care to maintain your privacy. In addition to the medical service, our patients receive the utmost respect in terms of privacy and confidentiality. This is through strict and proper management of all patient information and documentation, which makes Faruk Medical City unique. Visit Faruk Medical City for all your healthcare needs. Here at Faruk Medical City, our well-trained staff is ready to serve you in your health and wellness. Call: +964 770 900 0000
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Faruk Medical City, As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

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