Hikari Food & Grocery, Rochester, United States

Hikari Food & Grocery; The asian grocery store in Rochester NY. Hikari Food & Grocery is an asian store that sells variety types of asian groceries. This includes fresh vegitables, fruits, seafoods, asian dried foods, asian snacks, frozen packaged foods, canned foods, and much more... The store is located at: 1667 Mt Hope Ave., Rochester NY 14620. Businese Hours are Monday to Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 10am-7pm. Businese Phone number is (585) 461-3180 Please Note that our "fresh days" (the days that the shipment of fresh item arrives) are on Tuesday and Friday. 1667 Mount Hope Ave 14620 Rochester United States Call: (585) 461-3180
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Hikari Food & Grocery, Rochester, United States

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