MediEvil (video game)

MediEvil is a Gothic horror-comedy action-adventure game developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. It was first released in Europe and North America on 1 October 1998 and in Japan on 17 June 1999. It was followed by a sequel, MediEvil 2, released in 2000, and a PlayStation Portable remake released in 2005 titled MediEvil: Resurrection. It was also re-released on the PlayStation Network in 2007. The game is set in the medieval Kingdom of Gallowmere and centres around the charlatan protagonist, Sir Daniel Fortesque, as he makes an attempt to stop antagonist Zarok's invasion of the kingdom whilst simultaneously redeeming himself.Development began in 1995 at Millenium Interactive in Cambridge under the working title of "Dead Man Dan". The game's visuals are heavily influenced by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Originally conceived as an arcade-style shooter for platforms such as Windows and the Sega Saturn, Sony's purchase of SCE Cambridge Studio evolved the game into a PlayStation title. The game received mostly positive praise from critics upon release, with praise including its blend of Hallowe'en themed visuals but was criticised for its controls and cumbersome camera work.
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MediEvil (video game)

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