eBash Video Game Centers, Terre Haute, United States

eBash provides facilities for Video Game events, parties, tournaments and promotions in addition to conventions, racing events, and technology summer camps The doors opened for eBash in December of 2004 after months of hard work and planning by many people. Founder Zack Johnson along with many other volunteers remodeled an old warehouse and office space to initially provide 14 Xbox stations and 14 gaming computers. The grand opening on December 10th, 2004 weekend featured a 48-straight party, meaning 48 hours of non-stop gaming. This has become a bi-annual event at eBash along with many other tournaments and game release parties. eBash continues to grow and strive to expand around the country so that everyone can experience community gaming, professional tournaments and unique gaming events. The Terre Haute eBash location is our original store. Our current location was built in 2006 after we moved from the warehouse where the business was started in 2004. It features 14 Xbox One stations, 4 Playstation 4 stations, 37 Xbox 360 stations, 40 PC stations and a Wii-U station. These systems are set-up throughout 9 individual rooms and a large lobby area. One of our famous features is a custom-made 350 gallon aquarium (Yeah, it is big). Our newest pride-and-joy is in the form of the massive, 7000+ square foot facility in Indianapolis. Portions of the store opened to the public near the end of 2013 while the state-of-the art gaming center was completed. This store features what we are calling a “Universal Station” TM design. No matter where you sit in the facility you will be able to request access to any console or PC without moving from room-to-room. There will not be an “Xbox Room” or a PC area any longer. A father playing Starcraft 2 on a computer can sit next to his son playing Call of Duty on an Xbox One. But that is not the only thing eBash Indy has to offer. eBash Indy is also the premier eSports facility in North America. Located in Indianapolis, IN it is the least expensive place to travel and stay on a national average for all sorts of transportation methods. With a main stage, cutting edge production/streaming studio and enough space to host events up to 128 teams it is expected to see tournaments for all sorts of games almost every weekend . What else does eBash do? In 2013 we added two new lines of business to our already growing and expanding company. These new areas are yet another feature that sets us apart from any other gaming center in the world. The first thing we added in 2013 was our mobile system. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway approached us about providing them with racing simulators of some kind for the upcoming Indianapolis 500. In just two weeks we built a complete system of 8 racing simulators that operated independently of an internet connection and ran from a generator right in the infield of the track. Since that first event we also operated at the IMS for the Brickyard 400 and the Moto GP. Other clients have been names like Radio Disney, NFL Alumni Association and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. To inquire about having eBash at your next big event and learn more visit our mobile page: The other line of business we are excited about is our Create and Play Camp program. Our camp director, Jason McIntosh, has been teaching programming and technology for nearly 15 years. He has worked at the Art Institute teaching website design and programming but now is focused full time on teaching kids through video games the basic skills needed for many different technology fields. Our current courses include subjects like Basic Video Game Design, Mobile Game Design, Video Game Graphics and Animated Websites. For a full list of our upcoming camps visit
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eBash Video Game Centers, Terre Haute, United States

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