M & J Video Games & First Base Sports Cards, Wallingford, United States

We are your Super Retro Video Games & Systems, DVD's Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey,Wrestling Collectibles, Pokemon cards & Autographs & More!!!! Come on inside, where M & J Video Games & Collectibles brings you the best releases, as well as hard to find gaming products. Whether you’re looking for modern games or something retro, you’ll find it at M & J Video Games and Collectibles. They also have a Wide variety of rare, We have the largest selection of pro wrestling merchandise in Connecticut featuring thousands of wrestling figures, DVD's and autographed photos & promo's & Sports collectibles and autographed memorabilia. M & J Video Games and Collectibles.. Where all your dreams become reality. Inside the Riverbend Plaza on Queen Street in Southington, CT. Full retail store! Buy, Sell, Trade Retro Video Games +++ accessories. We will beat competitors prices! WE PAY MORE THEN ANY OF THE COMPETITION!!!!!!! BUY - SELL - TRADE Always Buying and Always Trading!!! WE WILL BEAT IT! WE WANT YOUR GAMES!!!!!!!! We want your Video Games, Systems or Accessories. I am looking to buy PS3, PS2, PS1 , Nintendo , Colecovision, Neo Geo, Turbo Grafix 16 , Xbox , Xbox 360, NES, Sega Master System Game, N64, Atari, Gameboy ,Game Boy Advance DS, 3DS Games, Mario Games, Zelda Games, Mega Man Games, Pokemon Games ,Sega Genesis, Saturn, Game Gear, SNES. Pretty much anything Video Games, Systems or Accessories also Some PC items. Whether there is a few - 5 - 10 -25-50-100-200+ I will buy them all and pay CASH!! Unfortunately I cannot pay full retail for games, because I am a reseller. However on 90% of all items I sell I usually pay 40%-50% of retail price. There is alot of work involved in my end. I have the cash and will meet you the day you email me or the day after. I will also buy consoles, but mostly games. Please let me know what price you are looking, and how many you have. If the numbers work out for the both of us.We can meet that day or day after. Just respond to my add and I will get back to you ASAP. Please send me a list of what you have to sell. Feel Free to Text me @ 860-756-6522 Lets work a deal we both are happy about. Things we buy: Playstation 4 PS4 Console $200 Xbox One Xbox One Console (w/ Kinect) $250 Playstation 3 PS3 Super Slim Console 500GB $120 PS3 Super Slim Console 250GB $90 PS3 Slim Console 320GB $80 PS3 Slim Console 250GB $60 PS3 Slim Console 160GB $60 PS3 Slim Console 120GB $50 PS3 Console 160GB $75 PS3 Console 80GB (4 USB ports) $90 PS3 Console 80GB (2 USB ports) $50 PS3 Console 60GB $40 PS3 Console 40GB (2 USB ports) $40 PS3 Console 20GB $80 Xbox 360 Xbox 360 S Console (slim) 320GB + Wireless Controller $70 Xbox 360 S Console (slim) 250GB + Wireless Controller $60 Xbox 360 S Console (slim) 4GB + Wireless Controller $30 Xbox 360 Console + Wireless Controller $20 Xbox 360 Console + Wired Controller $20 Kinect Sensor w/ AC Adapter $10 Kinect Sensor w/o AC Adapter $7 Xbox Live Vision Cam $1 Nintendo Wii Wii Console $15 Wii Remote $4 Wii Nunchuk $2 PlayStation Vita PS Vita Handheld Console 3G $70 PS Vita Handheld Console Wi-Fi $80 4GB Memory Card $2 8GB Memory Card $5 16GB Memory Card $8 32GB Memory Card $12 Nintendo Wii U Wii U Deluxe Console 32GB Black $120 Wii U Basic Console 8GB White $100 3DS Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console $65 Nintendo 3DS XL $80 PSP PSP Go Handheld Console $20 PSP-3000 Handheld Console $20 PSP-2000 Handheld Console $15 PSP-1000 Handheld Console $15 PSP Memory Card Pro Duo 1GB - $1 Nintendo NES Super Nintendo SNES Game Cube GC Atari 2600/5200/7800 Atari Jaguar Playstation 1 Xbox Nintendo 64 - N64 turbo graphx 16 - nec Sega Genesis Sega Master System Sega CD Sega 32x Sega SG-1000 Sega Dreamcast Sega Nomad Sega GameGear game gear Sega Saturn Phillips CD-I - Cdi Vectrex Colecovision (ADAM) Pong Famicom Mega drive neo-geo turbo duo virtual boy sega Saturn 3DO Amiga Psone Ps1 Sega Dreamcast tiger handhelds game & watch Gameboy Gamegear Lynx Game boy Sp original advance pocket ds color ds1 3ds xl lite 3rd 4th 5th 6th generation 860-756-6522 TEXT us with a list and pictures if possible. or email us here. Flat rate pricing on these items below===> Game Cube $10 PSP (PSP 1000,2000,3000 PSP GO) $ 20 - $25 Sega Genesis or Master system $10 ps2 fat console: $10 Original xbox: $15 Broken atari lynx: $10 Broken psp: $5 38 Center St 06492 Wallingford United States Call: (203) 269-6027
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M & J Video Games & First Base Sports Cards, Wallingford, United States

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