American Video Game League, Newton, United States

American Video Game League: LAN gaming competition center The American Video Game League (AVGL), based out of Boston, will fill the gap between the recreational video game player and the professionals. The life of a professional gamer involves world travel and a commitment to a lifestyle that is unrealistic for the majority of Americans. Even if they are not training to be professionals, gamers are allocating large portions of their time into perfecting skills in online competitive games. The AVGL offers these gamers a competitive atmosphere that is a step above the at-home online competition and is more accessible than professional tournaments. A player in this league may best be described as an amateur gamer. The AVGL will create a ranking system for local gamers who participate in-person at a venue. The competitive atmosphere in these venues will be conducive to a sport-like mentality, complete with a seasonal tournament schedule and a ladder ranking system. For a fee, players can enter these tournaments with a team or as an individual. Successful players will achieve high rankings that allow entry into larger, regional tournaments at the end of each season. Prize money will be an incentive for gamers to participate in the tournaments and use the skills that they practice from home every day. Additionally, the AVGL will host a college division and high school division. These matches will be held throughout the school year with a round-robin format for all the schools. Each team will compete to enter the playoffs and battle for the championship. There will be no fee for the players to take part in this league and matches will be streamed online. The American Video Game League will create local venues players to attend. Over time, the league will open venues across the nation to bring local players together and then allow the best of the local players to compete on a regional and national level. The in-person competitions have essential characteristics that online play cannot guarantee. In years to come, video game players will turn to the American Video Game League rankings as the official standard of a gamers’ skill. 396 Watertown St 02495 Newton United States Call: (857) 404-0255
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American Video Game League, Newton, United States

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