Game Craze Macedon, Macedon, United States

Game Craze Macedon sells EVERYTHING video game related. Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and things you've probably not heard of! Game Craze in Macedon hopes to set itself apart. We strive to create a real relationship with our customers through outstanding service and quality products. Here are a few principles we prize above all else: 1). New games are brand new, factory sealed. Employees don't get to open them up, take them home and play them, and then put a sticker on the edge of the case and offer them to customers under the pretense that they're still "new." 2.) "But it works!" is not good enough for us. We deal only with lightly used products. Chances are that a system or game that looks like it was not cared for will not have a long life span. We only sell what we ourselves would personally want to own. Though we offer a 90 day warranty on all used systems, it is our hope and expectation that they'll last for years to come. 3.)Every used system and controller has been fully tested before being offered for sale. We are gaming enthusiasts. We've all been in the position where we excitedly hooked up a "new to us" system or accessory only to find it didn't work. IT'S AN AWFUL FEELING! Trust me, I don't want to pay out for broken equipment even less than I want to sell it. I want a customer to come back smiling, not scowling because the thing they bought was dead on arrival. 4.) We strive for a family friendly atmosphere. Let's not converse with each other as if we're sailors on shore leave. 5.)The customer isn't always right. Sorry. But! The customer does have a right to ALWAYS be treated fairly and courteously. 6.)Paul will always be glad to talk classic gaming. Have no shopping agenda but feel like chatting about Moto Roader or Golvellius? Cool, stop on by! Based on those ideals, we feel a longstanding relationship can form between consumer and proprietor. We are not here solely to sell you something and get you out the door. My name is Paul. Let's be friends. 1503 Canandaigua Rd 14502 Macedon United States Call: (315) 986-4420
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Game Craze Macedon, Macedon, United States

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