Rolling Video Games Chicago, Glenwood, United States

If you are looking for the coolest party idea ever, then look no further! Rolling Video Games Chicago has it all. We bring the party to you! All we need is a place to park and gamers ready to party! Our Mobile Game Theater is self-powered and climate controlled! On the inside: 4 LED 46" 1080p HD TVs! Custom stadium seating with built-in vibrating motors synched to the on-screen action with speakers in the front and back. On the outside: 2 more LED 46" 1080p HD TVs that allow for even more action packed gaming. We have all 3 consoles(XBOX 360, PS3, & Wii) plus a complete video game library fully stocked with all the hottest titles! Call: (708) 238-6988
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Rolling Video Games Chicago, Glenwood, United States

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