Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic, Sydney, Australia

Helping people affected by problem gaming. Help available face to face & via skype. Help for individuals, couples, co-op buddies & families. The purpose of this group is to: -Increase awareness that there is help for those affected directly and/or indirectly by problem gaming. That is, individually, as a couple or as a family -Provide facts about problem gaming that are evidence based (research validated) -Increase awareness of the issue of problem gaming If you need help or advice please visit us as, Of note: This page which belongs to the private practice “Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic”, uses the phrase “video game addiction”. It is important to note that this phrase and title is only used to make it easier for people to find aid regarding problem gaming. Please note that the phrase “video game addiction” is not currently held as a diagnostic category in the DSM or ICD (the major texts for diagnosing psychological disorders). That is, despite there being a growing amount of research and literature on video game addiction. For example, the following hyperlink identifies hundreds of relevant journal articles related to this topic alone. ( Further and in terms of scientific validation and evidence, it has been found that (as of writing this in January 2012) there is a section of the population that have a legitimate and significant psychological problem with their gaming (aside from key articles in the above hyperlink, also see Charlton’s 2002 paper and the paper by Han, Lee, Yang, Kim, Lyoo & Renshaw 2003. Reference list at bottom of this page.) Regarding problem gaming’s diagnostic criteria, researchers are presently trying to identify the best categorical fit for the problem behaviour. To state this succinctly, it is agreed that problem gaming is a legitimate and significant problem, but where it lies on the map of disorders is still being formally confirmed. If you are considering what problem gaming consists of, the practice would like to direct you to Skoric, Teo and Neo’s (2009) paper in which they briefly explore Charlton’s and Browns criteria for behavioural addiction. In the practices opinion and taking from Skoric, Teo and Neo’s (2009) paper, the key criteria for behavioural addiction to video games includes the following components: 1) Symptoms of withdrawal: Significant distress at not having access to the game(s). This can include, irritability, aggression, moodiness etc. 2) Relapse and Reinstatement: The person has tried to stop gaming but has been unsuccessful and returns to similar levels of play demonstrated via their level of intensity, frequency and duration of gaming. 3) Behavioural Salience: It has become a dominant activity in the person’s life. 4) Conflict: With oneself and or with others which involves relationship distress and damage whether social, romantic, familial or professional due to the problem gaming behaviour. 5) Mood modification: using games to avoid and control negative feelings. For a more straightforward list, we recommend that you browse our checklist at ( Finally, the practice would like to make it clear that video games outright, are not a problem. Instead, for some people their gaming has become problematic. The purpose of the service is to support and advise people who are stuck, hooked and in need of help. Also, to support those who are concerned about someone else's gaming. If you require help or advice follow the link to our website. We hope you found this information useful. If you have any queries please let us know. Reference List Skoric, M. M., Lay Ching Teo, L., and Neo, R. (2009). Children and Video Games: Addiction, Engagement, and Scholastic Achievement, CYBERPSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOR, Volume 12, Number 5 Hyun Han, D., Sik Lee, Young., Yang, K. C., Young Kim, E., In Lyoo, K. and Renshaw, P. F. (2007). Dopamine Genes and Reward Dependence in Adolescents with Excessive Internet Video Game Play, Journal of Addictive Medicine, Vol. 1 (3). Charlton, J, P. (2002) A factor-analytic investigation of computer ‘addiction’ and engagement. British Journal of Psychology, 93, 329–344 135 Macquarie Street 2000 Sydney Australia Call: 0400816915
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Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic, Sydney, Australia

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