Die Pretty Clothing Co., Victoria, Canada

We ship worldwide! Based out of Victoria, BC, CANADA. Bringing you styles you won't see anywhere else! Growing up with a Mom who is an AMAZING seamstress, (50+ dresses in my closet at the mere age of 6 MONTHS!! No joke.) I guess you can say, I never liked to wear the same clothes as everyone else. Weird hey? 50 dresses in my closet at 6 months of age...who knew it would have such an impact?? Anyhow, I've never been one to follow trends...I have always enjoyed being 'me' and having my own style. I absolutely HATED having the same anything as everyone else... So this is it. This is me. Die Pretty Clothing Co. Quite the reverse from my previous career running nightclubs and Cactus Clubs!! Just over 2 months in the making and Die Pretty Clothing Co. is turning out to be quite the success! If you want something not evvvveryone will have, check us out! 'LIKE' our page but ADD our friend profile to view our entire selection at Tweet us!!! @DiePrettyVAN PIN us at Find us on Tumblr at To purchase today, please email us or inbox us & include the following: 1) Full name 2) Email address 3) Mailing address 4) Phone number 5) Item number(s) OR picture(s) AND size(s) of the item(s) you wish to order 6) Form of payment (etransfer or PayPal accepted. Email to: Please feel free to ask anymore questions you may have! We look forward to hearing from you!! ~ Die Pretty Clothing Co. Happy Valley Rd. V9C 2W4 Victoria Canada Call: 7786773716
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Die Pretty Clothing Co., Victoria, Canada

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