Roughneck clothing company

The official clothing line dedicated to the Roughnecks of the world! "ROLE CALL!!!!!" ROLE CALL!!!!!!........ Heather LaFontaine………“Here!” Amber Knorr………”Here!” That’s right! We here are now open for business!!!!! Heather LaFontaine and Amber Knorr are proud and happy to announce the launch of Roughneck Clothing Company and the new website ””. For over a year now Heather has had a vivid vision. Her vision was to design, market and sell trendy, edgy new age apparel to the oil field industry. Heathers husband, Sam Saltzman in his most recent years worked as a driller on several oil rigs. Since, Sam’s employment on the oil rigs, Heather has had a deep passion and desire to keep the oil field industry close at heart. Heather and Sam are both owners and operators for a very successful innovative local screen printing and embroidery business, located in the Salt Lake City, Utah. Together they have built a successful and solid foundation for promotional items, screen printing and embroidery services. They recently opened Evolution Vapors, an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizing store back in 2013. Evolution Vapors, like their screen printing business has been a great success and continues to grow with great stride. Amber Knorr, although has not been in the screen printing and embroidery industry has a background in sales for the oil field and mining industry. She was employed for several years as a Sales and Service Representative for a global engineering company; which services and offers advanced technology systems to the cement and minerals industry. Her key focus was to manage accounts in the mining and drilling industry. Amber has recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with her 4 year degree for her Bachelors in Business Management. Amber also has a strong and accomplished back ground of 20 years as a Sales, Service and Marketing. Roughneck Clothing Company offers a wide variety of unique and custom designed apparel for the "Roughneck" in you! With a compelling successful 10 year background in screen printing and embroidery services, we are sure to drill Roughneck Clothing Company line of apparel into every rig breaking grounds! Roughneck Clothing Company not only offers apparel to the oilfield industry, but also to the “Redneckin” kind. We offer a little something for everyone! Roughneck and Redneck wives, girlfriends, kiddos, and infants "Don't you worry, we would never forget about you!" With our spouses and family members who have and are currently working on the oil rigs, we want to show our greatest support to these hard working and dedicated individuals. We are proud and honored to share the unique, edgy, trendy and creative designs our in house designer, Danny Martinez has created for this industry. Danny has a lifelong natural artistic eye for creating some of the most intense and articulate designs. With a 10 year back ground in graphic design his unique talent and ability will take the apparel in the oil field industry to a new level. We wanted to take a moment and take “Role Call!” and introduce ourselves. Please feel free to browse our site, SHOP, SHARE, and have fun! Be sure to check out all the creative custom designs, trendy hats, accessories, watches, stickers and much more the website has to offer. If you should have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at the following
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Roughneck clothing company

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