Sheetz, Altoona, United States

The Official Sheetz Facebook Page... Feel the Love! Hey Sheetz Freakz! Welcome to the party. As your host, we have a few house rules that help us maintain a fun environment for our fans: - We love hearing from you! Send us your questions, photos, and feedback. We will do our very best to reply as soon as possible. - Include one of our hashtags to get involved in the conversation! For example: #SheetzRun #SpottedOnASheetzRun and of course, #SheetzFreakz - Be courteous of your fellow Freakz. - We will not allow profane or explicit language on the page. - We kindly ask that you do not post anything that is spam, abusive, or defamatory towards a person, entity, belief, or symbol. - Remember, we have to play by the rules too. Sheetz abides by Facebook's Page Terms and policies, so we ask that you do the same. - Rebel without a cause? We reserve the right to remove content. The most important rule: FEEL THE LOVE! 5700 6th Ave 16602 Altoona United States Call: (800) 487-5444
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Sheetz, Altoona, United States

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Category: Food/Beverages
Found: 02.07.2015


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