Bir Bintang, Jakarta, Indonesia

Official Page of Indonesia's Number One & Most Favorite Beer. Check our twitter page as well at @bintangID I By clicking 'Like' you confirm you are 21+ No doubt one of the most recognizable icons of Indonesia, Bir Bintang is legendary both in name and in taste. Brewed by PT.Multi Bintang Indonesia, Bir Bintang can trace its heritage from the beginning of Indonesia history, counting 80 years of tradition in quality and excellence. Now Bir Bintang has become the most widely consumed Beer in Indonesia, symbolizing friendship, togetherness, and good time. In 2010, Bintang won the gold medal at The Brewing Industry International Awards, earning its place as a world champion. The Number one beer of Indonesia, is also an authentic world-class beer. Like its name, Bir Bintang is truly a star.
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Bir Bintang, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Found: 02.07.2015


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