Airheads Candy, Erlanger, United States

You can’t stop the flavor of Airheads. We want to bring together the great likers of Airheads. This page is for fans of the Airheads to hang out and meet other Airheads fans. All of the stuff that fans post on the wall are of their own doing and does not reflect the opinion of Airheads or anyone affiliated with Perfetti Van Melle, B.V. Red Balloon Dude wants you to have fun on this page, but ya gotta remember a few things before you get too out of contol. • No bad language and rude gestures. • Don’t post anything that isn’t yours to post. • We’ll take down any posts we find to be in violation of any of the above. Pretty Simple. Don't be mean and have fun. AIRHEADS® and OUT OF CONTROL® are registered trademarks of Perfetti Van Melle, B.V. 3645 Turfway Rd 41018 Erlanger United States
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Airheads Candy, Erlanger, United States

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